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The goal at Shirley Avenue School is to provide every child with a rigorous academic program, along with good work habits and socialization so that they have the skills to continue their education and graduate from a four year university.  Your goal and your child's goal should be the attainment of a four year university diploma.  Since the advent of internet, the world is a lot smaller.  Your child will be competing with not only their peers in United States fifteen years from now, but from peers all over the world.  Many corporate businesses are hiring from abroad to find the best capable workers.  And the workers do not have to live here, they just turn on their computer and do their job in their home country.  So in order to compete in this global market, your child needs to demonstrate their best effort by providing evidence of a four year university diploma.  Our school is the first step.  Let's work together to ensure they have a best chance of competing globally.

Posted by: Wing Kwan Leung
Published: 6/24/16