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School Gates are Closed During School Hours

For the safety of everyone, especially our students, Shirley Elementary has a "locked Campus" policy. Gates are locked between 8:02 am and 2:30 pm. All students are required to stay within the gated area. Thank you for understanding and supporting the importance of this policy.

School For Advanced Studies (SAS)

Shirley Avenue Elementary is a designated SAS school.  We offer a highly competitive curriculum to challenge our Gifted Students and High Achieving Students.  Our staff members are certified Gifted teachers who use various strategies to provide an enriching and rigorous academic program.  In addition, we incorporate the Blended Learning (Web Based technological activities) for our students.  Come to our main office to apply to our SAS program.



The goal at Shirley Avenue School is to provide every child with a rigorous academic program, along with good work habits and socialization so that they have the skills to continue their education and graduate from a four year university.  Your goal and your child's goal should be the attainment of a four year university diploma.  Since the advent of internet, the world is a lot smaller.  Your child will be competing with not only their peers in United States fifteen years from now, but from peers all over the world.  Many corporate businesses are hiring from abroad to find the best capable workers.  And the workers do not have to live here, they just turn on their computer and do their job in their home country.  So in order to compete in this global market, your child needs to demonstrate their best effort by providing evidence of a four year university diploma.  Our school is the first step.  Let's work together to ensure they have a best chance of competing globally.


Welcome to Shirley Avenue Elementary School

Welcome to Shirley Avenue Elementary School website. We are extremely proud of our outstanding staff, fine students, and parents as well as the rigorous and motivating educational program here at Shirley. We believe knowledge is power! Working as a team, staff, students and parents provide a positive learning environment designed to develop competitive and talented leaders of tomorrow. We are focused and we strive to meet the unique needs of each child.

The information provided on this web is to assist parents and students. By working together as a team we can assure your child and enriched and purposeful education.

Traffic Safety

When dropping your child off in the morning or picking up your child after school, please follow these routines to eliminate dangerous situations for any students.  1) Drop your child off and pick up on the side of the school.  Do not use the other side of the street.  2) Do not double park.    3) Do not ask your child to cross the street to meet you on the other side.  4) Practice courteous behavior.  Wait for your turn to pull up to the side of the school.  Refrain from honking.  5) Drive slowly and watch out for students.  If all parents and guardian follow these routines, unnecessary tragedies will be avoided.  Thank you for keeping our students safe.

Title IX Information

Title IX Complaint Manager is Ms. Landaverde (818) 342-6183, email address  

More information may be found on

Today: 6/23/17

Parent Involvement Policy & Parent Compact

These two policies were revised and approved by school site council on October 20, 2016.  Each family will receive copies of both documents in the mail the first week of November, 2016.  If you have not received yours, please stop by the main office to pick up a copy.

New Gate Hours

All gates will be opened at 7:40 AM.  Supervision will not be provided until 7:40 am.  For safety reason, we ask that you do not leave your child or children unattended prior to the opening of the school gates.